“You won’t make it…”

The single most said phrase when I mention this expedition and then introduce Tina. Variations include:

“That will breakdown before you cross the channel”

“16,000 miles you must be joking, you’ll be lucky to get 16”


Do we think they are wrong? To an extent, yes.

Above is the unpopular opinion puffin, made internet famous by meme culture. Our ambitious hopes about the success of the taxi aren’t necessarily unpopular, they are just shared by very few. Its not that we think this trip will be a breeze, or that we think every breakdown will be a quick fix with some duct tape from here to Ulanbaataar. The possibility that something could go catastrophically wrong, leading to us having to return, is very real.

And yet when someone tells me we won’t make it, a twinge of excitement courses through me. That person may be correct, maybe we won’t make it. But what will be the story? What will be the situation that finally brings four lads who passionately want to get to Mongolia grinding to a halt, in such a way that they cannot continue? Even if it is just the fact that the engine falls out 200 miles into Germany, how will we deal with that? Who will we meet as we try to get a tow from whichever lay-by we end up in on the autobahns? These are the questions we are doing the rally for. The rally won’t be bad if we only make it to Turkey, it will still be an incredible experience to drive this beast even only half the way we want to. And this is the fact i don’t think the naysayers are getting. Our happiness on the expedition isn’t contingent on our arrival on Ulanbaataar, its contingent on the journey we take while trying.

168 hours until launch

7 days left until launch day, and it has been all guns blazing on the preparation front. We have ordered 27 items on eBay, all to be delivered to 1 address in the same 48 hour period. The postman is going to love us. The custom made roof rack has also been fitted, so hopefully we can keep the cab in its comfortable and spacious state. Aside from its practical uses, it will be great to plonk two people on the roof when driving through the less dense areas of countries, as the heating issue has still not been resolved.

We will be doing the cosmetics soon so if you haven’t yet donated, be sure to head over to the Just Giving page. We have nearly reached our goal, we would love to surpass it though.

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